VSC & Traction controls lights do NOT go off after O2 sensor replacement

The MIL and VSC/Traction OFF lights came on nearly simultaneously about 2 wks ago. OBDII codes P0031 and P2238 were stored (O2 sensor, Sensor 1, Bank 1). I replaced that sensor w/ an OE part and MIL stays off (no codes return after being cleared) but VSC/Traction OFF lights remain. I had heard that sometimes MIL causes VSC/Traction OFF lights to illuminate and resolving the MIL cause would remedy that but that doesn?t seem to be the case. What can I try?

Check the connections to that area and make sure they are ok and also make sure all the fuses are ok. If you don’t find any trouble with those things then you may have to troubleshoot the circuit.

Thank for the reply. Can you guide me to exactly what “area” you are referring? Also, I know where the main fuse bank is (under the driver side dash) but don’t know which fuse(s) in particular to check.

Sorry but I don’t have an specific information on your vehicle. I am just suspecting you may have disturbed a connection while working on the other trouble. I also suggest you use a test light probe to check the fuses with. Make sure voltage is getting to the protected side of the circuit.

If you work on your car one of the best investments you can make on any vehicle is the purchase of the factory service manual, or at least the wiring manual for it. They are far more detailed than normal manuals. A good meter is also a very good thing to have on hand.