Keep it coming Folks.,

Keep it coming Sojourners,I’m still waiting for that 200 mile Electric or reasonable sized SUV-Pickup,Hybrid or Diesel,with a 500 mile range.

Ram 1500 diesel has over 500 mile range.

Chevy Cruze diesel has a 717 mile range… my bladder doesn’t go nearly that far!


The Tesla Model S will do 200 miles on the low end of its range. Am I missing something here?

As for ‘reasonable size’ diesel SUVs, there’s the VW Touareg, Audi Q5, and BMW X3, I bet all could get more than 500 miles per tank.

@kmccune - what other requirements do you have? Price?

@shadowfax maybe you (or @kmccune) is missing a large chunk of the $125,000 required to get that 200 mile range in the Tesla? :wink:

Why do you need 500 mile range? Most vehicles on the road won’t go 500 miles on a tank. 400 is near the high-end.


@shadowfax maybe you (or @kmccune) is missing a large chunk of the $125,000 required to get that 200 mile range in the Tesla? :wink:

Well, true! But I have often said that if I had the money, that would be right near the top of the list of things to buy with it.

I do have a friend who has the 60kwh version, and he can drive all over before he starts getting low. When that was sold it was roughly the price of a moderately appointed BMW 5-series.

iWell I lost my post,I’m looking for a reasonably priced,reasonably capable pickup(awd)that doesnt require a tankerload of fuel to go 500 miles,something that holds 35 gals need not apply,I,m aware that several cars will meet that criteria,the technology exists now to produce this vehicle,I would like to go to the Beach and back to the Ridges on one tankful,my old Ford trucks held about 16 gals I think and may have had a range of 225 miles.I believe everybody misconstrued the true intent of this post,but thanks for the replys,the companys have to be careful to produce something very profitable and just semi durable,but with enough hype to keep the poor masses lusting after the 50k mega moneypits.
Whenever two or more people get together in private the potential exists for conspiracy,some Folks can never make enough money.

I am watching the new Hyundai Cruz concept closely,I dont want people blasting Me about capibilty,there will always be Hummers and Dooleys for the 5% or less that need them,I watch these slight people that wouldnt weigh a 130# sopping wet tooling around in a 6000# Suv or a 4dr truck with a seldom used trailer hitch and wonder,isnt there a better way?I realize we have that freedom,but maybe the zeitgeist needs to change a bit,our childrens,children,dont need to inherit a world of dwindling resources and please dont chastise me with that Abiotic oil nonsense.

The Santa Cruz would probably be dead in the water here, except that it sounds like the Chicken tax is going to expire without attempt to re-up it. That’s the tax that killed off small foreign trucks being sold here in the first place. That gives us hope that it and vehicles similarly sized will once again make an appearance here.

It’s funny. I have an old '88 Mitsubishi pickup. I park that thing next to a modern F150 and it looks like a Matchbox car. The roof often barely tops out over their tires. But it’s funny how often I get people coming up to me and asking where they can get one like it. There is a market for small trucks and I’m excited to see how that market is filled once the Chicken tax dies.

BTW it just turned 200k and got 36mpg with a load on a 300 mile run to deliver stuff for family members. It won’t go 500 miles on a tank because the tank isn’t big enough, but for me that’s OK - 200-300 miles of driving and I need to get out of the car at least long enough to pump gas before I go stir crazy.

I had a 500 mile range on my 81 Olds diesel.

@kmccune, the Dodge 1500 has a 26 gallon tank and it will go about 750 miles on the highway before it needs to be filled again. You can go to the beach, toddle around town, and make it home with several gallons to spare.

"I had a 500 mile range on my 81 Olds diesel."

Wow, You went 500 miles on just one engine? (just joking!) A guy I new had a GM diesel car of that era and concluded proved these diesel engines weren’t very reliable. Weren’t they basically the same engine mechanicals as the gas version? Didn’t GM wind-up replacing some with gasoline engines as part of a warranty fix?


Yeah, as I recall, back then GM tried to enter the diesel world by modifying a gas engine. It did not go well. I think Ford tried the same thing with similar results. Chrysler/Dodge was smart; they went with Cummins engines. Nobody makes a better diesel.

@JT,my Dakota will hopefully avg 19 on a trip keeping up with traffic(just barely and its probaly closer to 18 mpg)19x26 =494,with zero gas left,it probaly wont suck every last drop out of the tank either so if it gets close to 400 miles,I get range anxiety,because the light will come on before 400 miles usually,when gas was up it cost me over $75 to go to VA Beach and back,so maybe I should have acquired a full size truck to get better gas mileage?

I just think the manus can do better,there is no reason a hybrid awd pickup cannot avg over 30 mpg(it can drive the back wheels electrically and use fwd on the front,without any weight penalty,it takes a bit of engineering,due to the increased reliability it would lose money for the oil companies and manufacturers,sooner or later something like this will happen,but not as long as Folks are content with 16mpg and paying between 50-60k for a fancy 4wd,with a seldom used 4wd system.I know these new monsters can tow 20k,but how many people actually do this?One prediction I have is your Drivers license will have to match the GVW of your vehicle and CDL license requirements will start being more restrictive with less gross weight,one of my friends was killed by an inept driver in an under CDL weight class rental truck.26,000 LBS is a lot of weight to stop from 70 mph(especially with 2 axles).So “Rubber Duck” wannabe,beware.Respect,always respect,be careful out there.

In an ironic twist, those Olds engines that made such bad diesel vehicles make for good gas racing engines, as the main bearing webs were thicker and stronger, and the oiling system was improved. Easily converted to gas, those blocks are actually expensive now.

There’s a HUGE reason that a hybrid pickup with any load capacity can’t average 30 mpg - battery cost. If the battery for a small, light Prius costs about $3,000, how’s $6,000 or so EXTRA for your high mpg pickup sound? Much more sense to get a diesel engine, and it’s better suited to the high torque needs of a pickup.

Toyota has been selling front wheel drive based hybrid SUVs with electric rear drive for ten years. The Highlander Hybrid AWD is “starting at $47,750” and rated at 28 MPG highway. How much is someone willing to pay for a hybrid truck that may get 5 MPG better that a conventional gasoline powered truck?