VPN blocking access to Car Talk

Why do I need to turn off my Nord VPN to get to Car Talk.

Appears to be a problem w/title of your post.

I worked at a company that used a VPN system to allow logging in from home to access company files etc, and I also noticed some websites wouldn’t work when using the VPN. Maybe the VPN software does that for security reasons, doesn’t trust linking to certain or unknown software configurations. Never tried Car Talk though.

Hi @oldtimer-11 are you accessing the site by going from cartalk.com to the Community, or do you visit community.cartalk.com directly? Are you getting an error message of some sort? Can you please tell me what it is? The info will help me get an answer for you. Thank you.

cartalk to community, Error 403

Usually it’s because some kind of 3rd party content distribution network, like Cloudflare is in use with the website, and they decided that the IP address of the VPN is hostile because someone else at some point used it to do something bad. Not necessarily to cartalk.com but one of their other customers. It could also be some kind of firewall or security software operating on the website itself. The VPN IP address is marked as hostile because it was used for something malicious here on cartalk in the past by another user of Nord VPN or it got marked doing something else unrelated to cartalk and was put in to in some blacklist that the local software checks.

Even if the ratio of legitimate use to malicious use is very high, they typically will block it for a small number of malicious activities. If one person uses that IP address or it’s a VPN IP that’s shared with thousands it gets marked as hostile either way. These firewall security companies are typically not friendly to VPN users.

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I’m told that it should work now, but it should not be a problem at all to navigate directly to community.cartalk.com using the vpn.

Nope, still getting 403 Forbidden message but you were right, changing to community.cartalk.com did it.

Thank you, I never would have figured that out on my own.

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