Albuquerque Library blocks connection to

I couldn’t connect at the Albuquerque Library 2018 January 6. After minutes of trying, Firefox gave me a security error; Internet Explorer kept on trying.

APL blocks sites that seem non-problems to me, such as; I suspect it’s their problem, not that they’ll admit to it.

Why post that here. This seems like something for your local newspaper or the library web site.

The customer offered wifi where I work won’t allow me to connect to Cartalk because of a security risk.

This is the ‘site feedback’ forum: I offered some feedback. Perhaps others have similar problems; perhaps the webmasters want to do something about it.

Security lockdown I imagine, They may have a whitelist of allowed websites, and this site is not on the list. I imagine you could request this site be added to the allowed sites.

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I just got through tp it with Firefox on a Mac/

The webmaster here probably have better things to do than worrying about other people/entities not allowing this site.

Actually depending on the reasoning, the webmaster may be able to do something about it.

Many times website blocks have to do with security issues, real or perceived. Webmasters may be able to modify the site itself or the site hosting location to change the security parameters used to determine if the site should be blocked.

If I was the webmaster, I wouldn’t take much action just because the Albuquerque Public Library doesn’t like it, but I might if a couple more folks posted it was blocked from other locations.

Changed “can’t do anything” to “probably have better things to do than worry about”.

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Yes, you’re right - webmasters do have better things to worry about! :slight_smile:

Webmasters have a vested interest in public computer access spaces allowing access to their website. After all, lose too many eyeballs and the site goes dark.

I find it interesting that in less than 20 years we’ve moved from librarians from California to Minnesota suing their employers because libraries refused to filter the internet at all, which meant librarians had to watch people watching porn on library computers, to libraries blocking access to sites about car repair.

It might be that all sites of a type are blocked. In this case, bulletin board sites like this one are blocked unless someone shows an interest in it.

The IT security trolls at the last place I worked wouldn’t allow file sharing sites, even if they were clearly customer sites. They were preventing us from doing our jobs and didn’t care in the least that this might infuriate our customers. After crawling ten miles over crushed glass and with the help of the VP of Engineering, we got access.

That’s their call. They can’t judge if they don’t know what’s happening.

I manage a webserver. Twice spamhaus has put us on its blacklist; both times I was able to prove that others had forged our address and we got off. Another time somebody had hacked a DNS and misdirected our name to their IP, which I could prove by an inspection of records, thus clear our reputation.

The Albuquerque public library shares Internet management with the school system, the community college, a lot of publicly-provided Internet service. That’s a lot of people blocked; it’s not Joe’s Garage.

Has anybody else had this happen?

Not recently. It did happen from my work computer, but it was at least a couple of years ago - I figured it was some sort of productivity thing.

Actually I wasn’t able to access the main page at work this morning, but I was able to get to the forums since I bookmarked them ages ago

I experimented using a browser I have set up that has very strict security settings and it stopped loading, saying the site was trying to use something called HTML5 data gathering, or something like those words. My ignorance in this field is pretty impressive, so that’s really all I know.

At the Albuquerque library?

I guess I misunderstood your question, I got through to the Albuquerque Library from my home computer. I was wondering why you were posting on car talk about getting through to the Library.

I wasn’t. I was posting about getting through to from the library.