Vortex performance part

I recently got a used Subaru Crosstrek XV and I noticed someone added this. I have no clue what it could be. All I know is that it’s connected to the air intake. I can’t find anything on their website.


Any ‘chip’ maker that makes them for every car on the road strikes me as a scam.


When/where in purchase process did you ask seller? Dealer? Private party? Bobs auto ranch?

I’d strip that thing out of there immediately if it was my car. Useless piece of junk. All it does is fake out the normal inputs to the engine management computer like air volume, coolant temp and so on to get the ECM to inject more fuel than it normally would, giving the operator the feeling of more power. But like everything, there is no free lunch as they would have you believe in their sales brochure. If the car could achieve higher performance and use less fuel, it would already be doing it with the factory programming…


Saw a video where they opened device and it was wire in-wire out. Was a scam gimmick. To impress friends? Even less effective then cow magnets.

was it not there when you popped the hood to check things out before you purchased this car?

At least it should be easy to remove the device and fix the wiring

Show up to the next smog inspection with that thing installed . . . and you might just fail


Now you have to ask yourself what kind of treatment that car got by the previous owner if he was trying to zip the horsepower as much as possible. I understand though the car is pretty underpowered though. Ok on the level but doesn’t like hills. Like my vw.

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Buying a used car can tend to be a roll of the dice, but when there is evidence that the previous owner(s) were trying to hot rod it, that’s a definite red flag–IMHO.

That’s the show-stopper. If your state requires emissions testing, unlikely they’ll allow that gadget. If no emissions testing requirements, and engine is running ok, could just leave it installed and see what happens I guess. If it starts causing problems, then you can remove it. the downside to leaving it installed of course, since you don’t know what it does, could be a fire or other safety hazard, or even damage the engine/transmission. If there are shops that specialize in performance cars in your area, one idea is to have them look at it, give their opinion.

Me, I’d want it removed, car returned to oem condition. But I’m an old fuddy-duddy geezer.

Anyone who lives in a state where emissions testing is done should want that OEM condition.


Per their FAQ

" Will the Vertex Module work with other Aftermarket Performance Parts?
Yes, our Performance Module is 100% effective with any aftermarket performance part. In fact, in some cases our performande module will performance even better when coupled with an aftermarket air intake and/or exhaust system."

Well, I’m sold.

If you show up for an emissions inspection, and such a device is found anywhere on the vehicle, it’s considered emission tampering.

Not only would you fail the emission inspection, but could also face a pretty hefty fine.


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On the small engine site I follow from a shop in ark, she indicated that to fix a performance problem on a chain saw, she needed to override the factory carb adjustments. She could not show how to do this because she could be fined $5000.