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Performance Chips

Does those performance chips really work or is it a scam? If they do work, which are recommended? Superchips, Gforce, Jet Line, etc etc etc???

They must work for the companies that make them…If you think they know more than the people who built the vehicle, go for it…But I suspect anything focused on “performance” will have a negative impact on drivability and fuel mileage…

Any ‘performance’ chip that comes from company that sells them for all makes and models is a scam. The only way to improve performance is through dedicated and expensive time on a dyno, with multiple runs being made while measuring performance. Of course, this will void your warranty and potentially make your car fail inspection.

So the short answer is “No”.

Performance chips work. But only REAL performance chips, not the crap advertised in infomercials, and only in specific applications involving significant performance modifications - for instance the Zdyne chip worked very well for heavily modified Hondas. In other words, mod your car first, then get a chip to handle the mods.

…and warranty.
especially the cats.
If the chip has it running too rich you could fill up the cats with unburned fuel and any vehicle modified in that way has no more warranty.

My repo team uses Superchips and , I don’t know if it’s all just psycosomatic, but they sure swear by them.

I don’t really know if they will make your car go faster but I guarantee that you money will. Most of the performance chips offered on the internet are scams.

There must be a huge special running on those Gforce chips. they show an MSRP of $400 but are selling it for $70. The chip looks like something I used to mess with in electronics class back in high school.

No. They’re a scam.

The amount of power you get out of your engine is determined by how perfectly you can balance the air and fuel ratios, how well you can deliver the fuel to the cylinder such that it’ll burn rapidly when ignited, how much expansion you can get from the combusting fuel, where in the power stroke the combustion process happens, the total volume you’re expanding, and how well you can convert that power to rotating motion in the crankshaft with as little loss as possible.

These factors are affected by the fuel delivery system, the bore, the stroke, the point of ignition (in the stroke AND in the cylinder), the valvetrain design, the manifold designs, the port designs, and countless other variables…none of which can be affected by a “chip”.

One other point: if you want to increase power in a given engine, you must find a way to allow it to ingest and effectively use more gas. !00% of the power is in the gas. Thus, your mileage drops…in contradiction to the claims made by the “chip” manufacturers.

You want to increase performance? Either spend enough to do it right or don’t mess with it. The days of simple ways to make horsepower are over.

Looks like there will be a tradeoff,more fuel slobbering through the engine will create more stress and wear on the engine,you dont get something for nothing however some of them may remove the rpm limiter on the engine(not sure about that,dont like messing with something that could potentionally ruin the expensive computer)BTW are those “Bullydog” controllers all they are cracked up to be?looks like a way to quickly melt down a expensive Diesel engine-Kevin