Vomit Stench Removal


I’m looking for any magical cures to remove or at least lower the stench of (human) vomit from things such as the floor board carpet and most importantly the shoulder belt safety restraint.

The smell in the should strap is quite annoying. Now, whenever I am a passenger in the car I get a very unpleasant oder just a few inches from my nose. I am hesitant to take most household cleaners to the safety strap for fear it may weaken the material.

My wife tossed her cookies while I was driving her home from a party. She did not get her head out the passenger window quite in time. Luckily, it is her car she has soiled and not mine.

thank you in advance.


Household upholstery cleaners can safely be used in auto interiors. If the vomit soaked into the carpet and padding underneath, you may have to remove one or both to them clean thoroughly.


Do you have a local college near buy??? If so…go there and ask for help. If they were like me…they probably know ALL the tricks.

The only thing I can think of is getting in there and cleaning it thuroughly…If on the carpet…use some carpet cleaner…If possible remove the seats.


It should be safe to use just soap and water on the shoulder straps. You could slacken them enough to give them a thorough soaking. A protein stain remover could be used on the carpet and seat.


I use Purple Power. Just use rubber gloves or it will burn your hands. I used it to clean this car I got that was full of mud, spilled coffee, candy goo, and kid puke. It was so bad Id make me feel sick to sit in it, and I have a strong stomach. After the Purple Power, it ended up looking and smelling like a new car inside. I used it on everything. Seatbelts, seats, carpet, headliner, dash… everything.