Volvo XC90 Transmission

I have already had to replace my transmission before it hit 50,000 miles, they never told me it was a manufacturer’s defect, but paid for the parts. My question is actually 2 questions.

  1. Should I try and get them to replace the transmission again before it hits 100,000 and I am out of luck if it decides to go again?
  2. I want to install a tow package and haul a small trailor, what kind of impact is that going to have on the transmission?

I was reading consumer reports looking at a used SUV. Your XC90 apparently made the top vehicle for major transmission problems in 2005.

The addition of a trailer will stress the transmission more. But it really depends on what the defect of the transmission is related to. Occasionally a transmission checks in on this board and maybe know the specifics on this one.

I can guarantee you that Volvo is not going to replace a perfectly good transmission just because the first one went out at 50k. When they rebuilt it they more than likely were aware of the problem and replaced the parts with newer updated parts. Towing heavy loads is not really a good idea but a small lightweight trailer shouldnt bother it. An external cooler is always recommended for any towing with any vehicle.