Volvo Transmission problem-to buy new or replace?

My 2004 Volvo XC90 (63,000) is having problems- URGENT TRANSMISSION has been on- brought in-couldn’t find problem- now on island and light back on and is acting up- I’ll need a car asap - If it is the transmission (and seems likely from my googling-car races from stop position and at times sounds like gears grinding at 45mph) I use the car to go to our vacation home on island- It is down a 1 mile, bumpy dirt road.

Question: Do I replace the transmission? If I were to buy a new car I need- high off the ground, safety, luxury with good mileage- No car gives me all that with good mileage it seems? The Audi Q7 seems fantastic- too big and same poor mileage-

Acura MDX- bad mileage- I could deal with a smaller car- although not really small- Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You have no choice but to replace the transmission. The Volvo is just salvage otherwise. Then keep it or trade it in on something you like better.

Thanks for advice- I guess I thought I’d probably have to - Have owned volvos for 40 years- never had a problem before- Dependable and safe- up to at least 100,000. Do you think I can take a chance and drive it an hour and half on turnpike to bring back to garage?
Any suggestions for new cars that fit my specs?

Tranny fix it. You try an independent shop too for an estimate besides dealer. Much cheaper usually.

Try the Toyota Highlander (loaded) bybrid or Lexus RX450h(ybrid) for luxury and mileage and some clearance. Also a huge bonus, typically a great chance of excellent reliability.

Thank you for helping! I’m googling the cars as soon as I get off here-