Volvo xc90 braking clunk only in emergency cond stop at speed

Stock 2005 Volvo xc90 brake grind only in emergency condition brake mode.
Emergency condition = full pedal prompt pressing from 15+ MPH, more pronounced in turns. It is not always ocurring but once it starts it happens for the remainder of the trip. Usually clears up with next drive until next high pressure stop.

It is black and I have a redheaded wife who drives it but I cannot control those pieces.

Brake shop checked out components and gave the okay from any brake type problems and couldn’t see issue.
They replaced fronts years ago and the rears were replaced about years plus 2 years ago. It is a phenomena that started about 1 year ago.

The brakes work quiet and smooth and powerful from a cold start until a trip involves to an very hard and immediate brake usage. Then no matter what kind of braking is done they clunk. Sorry my wife must remain driver of this car.

Have at it please.