Braking seems to interfere with steering

Hi! This is Ema. I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 that I have thoroughly enjoyed driving until recently but now, especially in wet weather, when I put on the brake going at least about 40mph it feels like there is a little jerk and like I don’t have as much control over the steering. On wet surfaces it feels like I slip as braking interferes with steering. No, I do not need a front end alignment nor am I hydroplaning. Remember, this happens on dry surfaces too, but without the slip. I need some guidance so when I approach one of the two mechanics who have worked on my car and ask them what they think about it, I will be able to choose the one who sounds most like he knows what he is talking about. I hate to say it, but I’m single and feel I am often taken advantage of. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO TWO GUYS I TRUST DIAGNOSING MY CAR ISSUES!

Tom and Ray, to the best of my knowledge, never respond here. Its just an internet discussion board.

One thing that can create pulling in your steering wheel when you brake (my best interpretation of what you said) is deteriorated flexible brake lines. I once had an old pickup that began trying to land me in the ditch every time I hit the brakes even moderately. (Better the ditch, of course, than oncoming traffic). It was just the front brake lines.

The other kind of thing that can be a problem is actual steering/suspension system issues. Bad struts will send you all over the road while braking. Bad wheel bearings or loose tie rod ends could be involved.

I don’t think you’ll be able to get any real certainty before going to the shop. Why not just get the two opinions and then post those.

It is rather difficult to figure out problems when you can’t directly hear, see, and feel the problem(s).

It is difficult to determine if a mechanic knows what they are doing, when you can’t see feel and hear the car.

I suggest you check around to find a mechanic you trust. Ask friends, co-workers relatives etc. who they trust.

Good luck.

PS if you don’t find someone you feel right about, reply to this thread and tell us more about the problem(s). It may take some time since no one can see it, and you can’t expect too much when they don’t have full access.

Can you describe more about what happens to your steering when braking? What do you mean by less control? Does it pull to one side when braking as Mr. cigroller has said?

Make sure the lug nuts aren’t loose .