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Volvo XC70 Squeaky Door Panel

Once the weather drops below 55, my right rear passenger door panel has a sort of squeaky noise from vibrations when I drive. My son can make the sound stop if he pushes on the door panel from the inside. Any ideas on how to make it stop? Thank you!

All you can do is lubricate the door hinges and latches. Your son should not lean his body on the interior door to stop the noise while the car is moving. I guess you have a worn hinge that makes an obnoxious noise whenever you hit a bump or drive on a rough road. Not really worth repairing but you can buy some heavy lube and paint it on every door part that moves, and open and close the car door a few times to work the grease in.

You could remove the inner door panel and put a little padding of some sort in place to stop the noise. Put the padding where your son pushes to stop the noise.