Volvo XC-60 vs. Mercedes GLK


I am a working mom of three kids about to trade my 2006 Volvo in for a new SUV. I have narrowed it down to the Volvo XC-60 and the Mercedes GLK.

From a driving perspective, I much prefer the Mercedes GLK but have this slight discomfort level in the idea of owning a Mercedes. Somehow a Volvo feels less of a statement.


Both are nice, there’s always the MB image to deal with. Just curious - is either big enough for you+3 kids? Neither is all that big…


Both of these vehicles “make a statement” You are what you drive…Both will provide you with the highest cost transportation possible. They are rolling Santa’s toy shops and you pay dearly for all those toys. The Benz probably retains a higher percentage of it’s cost at trade-in time but it’s still a financial massacre.

Save your money and retire at 55…


One is RWD, the other is FWD, but both have optional AWD. Both will be about $40k. Both get roughly the same MPG.
I personally wouldn’t get either since parts/maintenance will be more expensive over Asian or domestic counter parts. Though, you seem more like a lease person as you’re already trading in a 4 year old vehicle, so I guess this won’t be much of a problem.


I agree. Maybe trading every three to four years hasn’t allowed you to determine for yourself how marginally reliable these two vehicles are in spite of their logos. I’d “un-narrow” my options and look for something better value wise and more practical for three kids…like a minivan.


Is Volvo still offering complete maintenance of the car (including brakes, tires, etc.) for 5 years? If so, take the Volvo - just be sure to trade it in before warranty and free maintenance run out. Older Volvo’s are expensive to repair and maintain.

If the Volvo free maintenance included deal is off, I wouldn’t get either. If you trade every 4 years any SUV would be very nice and a whole lot less per month to either lease or finance. More money for the college fund. There really isn’t anything great, special, or unique about either of your choices.

The Toyota Venza would be nicer to drive, less $$ to buy and should be reliable. The Venza wasn’t part of either Toyota recall and Toyota is dealing right now. Keep looking.


I already have a 7 year old minivan which my babysitter drives during the week. This car will be my commuting into work and sometimes driving my kids around car. When I bought my Volvo four years ago it was the first new car I had ever owned that was for me and I am thinking about trading up or trading because the 4 year warranty is expiring and I agree repairs can be expensive. I don’t have a lot of time to spend test driving or haggling. thanks for all good advice given so far!!!


The best tool for car shopping is the computer. To check out the Venza go to is a good source for info comparing new cars. Lincoln has a new crossover based on the Ford Flex platform. Roomy, good performance, some class, and all the up to date goodies, another one to check out.


The best way to demonstrate to yourself and the world that you have good judgement and money management skills, is to buy a simlar vehicle from Acura, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, or a Chevrolet. Even the Acura, a great vehicle is just over $40,000. My pick would be a Toyota Venza; very roomy , reliable and ultra-respectable.

If you drive a Mercedes , you will likely be overcharged in a lot of places; the Volvo will set you up for all sorts of “Environmentally Benign” products, including many of dubious value.

Happy shopping; you have a large enough budget to buy the exact right vehicle for yourself.

P.S. Any of the vehicles recommended in this post will provide up to 8 years of reliable service with normal maintenance. No need to trade every 4 years. That gets expensive.

P.S. 2. The only time I would recommend a Mercedes is if you have a job selling real estate to Asian buyers.


Well, the good news is you don’t have to spend a bunch of time haggling if you use the website Turbo mentioned. But it doesn’t hurt to take time to test drive vehicles, you may find something cheaper that you like.


Take a look at the Lincoln MKX. It’s in the same class vehicle and has a low cost for repairs and maintenance among cars of this type. I haven’t seen M&R estimates for either the GLK or XC-60, but the are at best middle of the pack, and MB tends to be very expensive to repair and maintain.


If you’re willing to put up with either the MB or Volvo’s reliability, you should also check out the Audi Q5.


"trading because the 4 year warranty is expiring and I agree repairs can be expensive. "

You will be sacrificing a lot of $$$$ just to keep trading Volvos when another car can be bought cheaper, kept longer, and traded for more. You’re pouring out money on the front, back and in the middle; just for a Volvo/MB logo. Caddyman said it “make a statement cars” and not the kind of value a working mom needs…CRVs and Especially a new RAV4 v6 would run circles around each in more ways than one, and a Hylander or Pilot would give you near the room of a minivan with demonstratively better quality. many other common options out their that are better values.


Keeping your 4-year old Volvo is a lot less expensive than buying a new one, even if you rent a car whenever it is in the shop. If you want a new ar, that’s great. But you don’t need an new one.


A Volvo will make a statement too.

Clearly you’ve earned the financial wherewithall to drive whatever you choose. You owe no apologies to anyone. Buy the one you like best. And trade it every 4 years if you choose.

Life is short. And it’s the only one you’ll get. Enjoy it if you can.