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Looking for other perspectives and suggestions. Our family is currently anticipating a move across country. Currently we own a 2000 Lexus RX300 with 53,000; a 2008 Honda CRV with 34,000 miles; and a 2003 Volvo XC90 with 118,000 miles. All cars are in excellent condition. The Volvo is in need of some general mechanical attention, but nothing serious. We don’t want to go through the route of selling any one of the cars privately, nor do we want to trade in and upgrade, since we will be moving to Oregon where there is no sales tax, and would rather wait and purchase a car there. Ideally, we would prefer to have only one car making the trip with us (It will be transported, not driven.) The question is…which car. So that’s my question. Of the three cars, which makes the most sense and to keep. Perhaps we should keep all of them?? Sell all of them??? Our choice for a new car purchase would most likely be a volvo, but that is not a must. Thank you in advance for any thoughts, suggestions, warnings, etc… We have no idea what the best way is to proceed.

How are you going to get rid of any of them when you say you don’t want to sell them privately? If you just drive up to a dealership and ask them to buy your car without it being a trade-in, IF they say yes, they will lowball you so hard your head will spin.

If you only want to make the trip with one vehicle, you are either going to need to donate or sell the other two where you are.

If you were to keep only one, I would recommend the CRV. It’s the most reliable of the three. The Lexus is also very reliable, but it’s 8 years older which means things are going to need working on sooner than they will on the CRV.

I would unquestionably get rid of the Volvo. Volvo reliability doesn’t even get into the same ballpark as Toyota and Honda, and the parts are expensive.

For similar reasons I would suggest considering Lexus or Acura for your next vehicle. They’re just as nice from a luxury perspective, but a lot more dependable.

I’d sell the CRV - it is the newest and will get a good price. I’d keep the Lexus, it is likely to need less repairs. An '03 Volvo is at the point where very expensive repairs are just ahead.

Get rid of the Volvo, either sell the Lexus or the CRV. I’d be inclined to keep the CRV; it’s well suited to exploring the Oregon scenery and has a good repair record.

The CRV is the newest and most versatile so that’s the one I’d keep. I’d probably transport them all though.

Thank you all so much for the feedback. I’m sorry I didn’t specify how I would dispose of the cars here… Carmax or a facsimile. I love the volvo…this is the car that is mine, but I know that I have to agree with these comments… this is exactly what has started to happen… repairs are beginning to be more frequent, and yes!, they are expensive! My mother will be so validated! All along she has been insisting that the volvo and lexus should go. Thank you for helping me make this decision a much easier process.

This is simply a decision for you and your family because non of us have seen or driven any of your vehicles. But since you asked for opinions I would just dispose of all 3, save the insurance refund and shipping costs and purchase after I relocated.

If you don’t need to drive one to Oregon, sell all three. Keep the CRV until you are ready to leave then take it to CarMax. Don’t do anything to fix them up. You won’t fool the CarMax folks. I sold a van to them once and they gave me a lot more than I expected.

I really wish I had known about this forum many years ago when my car concerns were mechanical, etc… You would have probably saved me money and stress. Is shipping a car there that cost prohibitive? I took the Honda to Carmax about eight months ago, and their offer was around 10,000 at the time. After considering all of your insightful comments, I’m going to take the Volvo this week. Thank you all…

Whatever you do…sell the Volvo first.

Vehicle shipping cost-Once again Google is your friend.

Two of them have much lower miles. If the assumption is made that all three are paid for then you could sell the Volvo and use the cash from that to pay for transporting the other two. It would also leave you with some extra cash for a slush fund or for a down payment on another Volvo in Oregon if that’s what you chose to do and saves the cost of those Volvo repairs you referred to.

It seems to me that the Lexus and the CR-V are the keepers due to the very low miles on them for their ages.

You wanted opinions. That’s mine for whatever it’s worth.

Sell the Volvo . . . and don’t get another one

I would get rid of the Volvo. If you need two cars where you go, then I would ship it. It is cheaper than shopping for a new car, paying tax, registration, etc.

I appreciate all of your comments. I had been so reluctant to ditch the Volvo for various reasons, and have been trying to rationalize/justify keeping it. I’m so happy that I joined this community for advice because it seems to be a consensus that the volvo is the one to go. Additionally, I am definitely rethinking the idea of going with volvo again. If any of you have recommendations for a solid, safe AWD suv or crossover as a new purchase, please share. I value your expertise. I’m fairly out of my element here. My father was a master mechanic, but originally a coal miner. We were very poor and only had used cars, if that. My dad always made his choice based on the exact same criteria that has been mentioned in your responses. Thankyou for your help.

Those are all good cars, and all of them have a good deal of life left in them, assuming they’ve been well maintained according to the book maintenance schedule. Suggest to keep all three.

If you decide to buy a new car in Oregon what about a Subaru? If you’re not familiar with them you might give them a test drive and see what you think.
My gut feeling is that you might like them.

Yes, as mentioned Suburu’s have the best AWD systems while staying within budget. I also question the need for AWD, most places you are fine with snow tires and careful driving. I survived many New England winters in FWD beaters that barely had decent tires.

If you can find a car carrier going that way or returning you may get a good deal onthe transport,maybe try to have these cars sold when you arrive(personally ,I would keep the CRV ,for its utility)

Funny that Suburu was mentioned…my daughter was just telling me that Oregon is Suburu central… Ok… so no need for AWD. FWD is “plenty good,” and yes… me too… lived through 14 New England winters in a Volks Beetle with no snow tires. Getting older seems to increase the fear factor in everything. I didn’t want to have to deal with chains. Will keep the CRV and pass it on to my daughter when I figure out the new car choice. She’s currently driving a 2007 CRV with over 200,000 miles. What is your take on Jeep Cherokee? I figured I would narrow down prospective car choice to 3 viable prospects and then narrow down after test drives, etc… Is CRV in the running as the new car choice as well?