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Cant decide

I cannot decide between two cars. I got great deals on both and at this point the price is irrelevant. I am a mom with two young children. Do I take the Volvo Xc90 or the Cadillac SRX both of this year, both with the third row option. I think the SRX is the bigger car, my husband disagrees what do you all think??

They are both about the same size. The Cadillac is longer; the Volvo is wider. Both have similar interior dimensions, but the Volvo has more cargo space. The EPA rates the Cadillac a little higher in highway fuel economy. If you give us a little more information, maybe we can help a bit more. The Volvo can tow a few hunded pounds more than the Cadillac.

I would go for the CADI. I have an xc90 myself and the third row is quite small. Try going to to see how people like the xc90 & the SRX. That might help you out. The SRX is bigger, though the xc90 design is nice. I’m with jtsanders. the xc90 gets 15 miles per gallon city and 20 miles per gallon highway. plus if you leave an xc90 sitting with the engine running, the mpg slowly drops, but it will go back up once your moving.

not to say something stupid, but have you drove both? i mean for more than a 20 minute test drive? which do YOU like?

they both get a basic 4 yr./50,000 mile warranty. I have an xc90 so i’ve driven it for more than 20 minutes. i haven’t driven the srx though. go do a comparison with both. that might help you with your overall decision.

go for the cadillac. so many different features available. in the cadi, you get an available factory overhead dvd system, in the volvo, you get a factory headrest dvd for only second row passengers to see.

Not to sound like a prude, but why not just get a minivan? That’s basically what you’re looking at right now, just with swing out rear doors instead of sliding ones. I’m sure when the kids get older and can get out of the vehicle by themselves, you’ll be glad to have sliding rear doors instead of swing out, because kids don’t know their own strength sometimes and will just kick the doors out as hard as they can which could dent the car(s) next to you.

bscar–Of course, you are correct. But, if the OP really desires a vehicle that gets–at best–16 mpg, who are we to argue with the wisdom of her decision?

Those two children will soon be much bigger, and want to play sports using lots of bulky gear. Lee Iacoca (ex Chrysler president) invented the minivan just for you!! You will want all that space a few years from now. Minivans are one of the most sensible vehicles on the road. Also economical to own.

If you want to spend minimal time at the dealer, look into Infinity or Lexus. Your time has to be worth something to you. People with too much money should buy the best cars or they will be wasting a lot more. Don’t get lazy or all that you have won’t be enough. You skipped right past the Consumer Reports annual auto issue that’s in the bookstore right now. April edition.

That much is true, I was merely offering an opposing opinion that the OP might or might not have wanted to hear, I meant no disrespect.
But also can’t resist posting this picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d take the Volvo, simply because child puke doesn’t look at bad in a Volvo than on Caddillac leather.