Trade in 2005 Pontiac Vibe for a 2001 Volvo V70XC?

I have a 2005 pontiac vibe that is in great condition and has 70,000 miles. I’m considering trading it in for a 2001 volvo v70 xc with 95,000 miles on it… My brother thinks volvos are really complicated and expensive to fix and that in the long run it’ll have more problems than the vibe.

Any one with volvo v70 experience?

Any one that knows more about these 2 cars than my brother?

Your brother’s right. Volvos are way more demanding in maintenance and repairs. The 2001 V70 is ‘much worse than average’ at Consumer Reports. No way I’d make that trade.

Listen to your brother! Volvo parts are much more expensive, and labor costs are higher too. The same repair on a Volvo would likely be twice the bill as your Vibe. If you are OK with $2,000 to $3,000 a year for repairs get the Volvo. The seats are comfy and it has more status. You’ll just pay a bunch of money every time it goes for service. Volvo bills are rarely under $1,000. Voice of experence from 5 years with '98 V70XC wagon.

I agree with your brother. You’ll be much better off keeping the Vibe, which is newer and has fewer miles than the Volvo.

Why would you even consider such a thing?

Your brother is RIGHT, but does not know the half of it! You are proposing to trade one of the world’s most reliable and serviceable cars for an older, more complicated car with a dubious reliability record!

A quick comparison:

  1. Overall Reliability; Vibe much better than average, Volvo much WORSE tahn average
  2. Engine: Vibe much better than average, Volvo worse than average
  3. Transmission: Vibe much better than average, Volvo much worse than averge
  4. Drive system: Vibe much better than average, Volvo much worse than average
  5. Elecrical:Vibe Better than average, Volvo worse than average
  6. Climate system:Vibe better than average, Volvo average
  7. Suspension: Vibe Much better than average, Volvo much worse than avergae
  8. Brakes: Vibe Better than average, Volvo Average
  9. Paint, trim: Vibe worse than average. Volvo worse than average
  10. Body integrity: Vibe average, Volvo average
  11. Power equipment: Vibe much better than average. Volvo much worse than average
  12. Audi system: Vibe better than avergae, Volvo better than average.

As you can see, there is not a single area where the Volvo is better than the Vibe. The area where Volvos used to be good , paint and body itegrity, it rates no better than the Vibe.

I suspect you are intrigued by the name, the great audio, and the comfortable seats of the Volvo.

Based on the comparative reputation and mileage you would need to budget 3-4 TIMES the annual dollars to keep the Volvo on the road than would be required for the Vibe. The remaining life (economic) of the Volvo is about 6 years, while that of the Vibe would be about 15 years if parts remain availabe.

And Volvo is about to be sold to a Chinese firm (Cheery Cars) leaving the future for parts supply uncertain.

That’s very helpful. thank you!

I think the biggest question is "WHY?"
Why are you thinking of trading an 05 vehicle in for something 4 years older and with more miles on it?

That’s Chery. And it could be a good thing for Volvo. Chery does an excellent business in Asia, having produced 1,000,000 cars in less than 7 years. I don’t see why Chery would buy Volvo and in short order make parts for their new customers hard to find. Why do you think that?

After 8yrs/150k the likelyhood of more expensive car repairs or some deem “maintenance” goes way up on ANY brand car. I would look for something newer.

The first thing that comes to mind with owning the volvo v70xc is fuel pumps and fuel level sender problems and all the problems with the etm (electronic throttle module)on these cars.

Here’s an idea - if you need more room, find a clean used Highlander or Pilot in your price range, much better than an XC70.

Sorry about the misspelling. At this time we don’t know who exactly will buy Volvo and what they intend to do with it. I was trying to emphasize the risk of buying an unreliable 8 year old car whose manufacturer will be sold shortly, as we speak. Having lived in Asia for 5 years, locally made cars for those markets have a different level of reliability and durability. Chery will be on a very steep learning curve if they want to export their cars to the US and Europe. Supplying parts for 10 year old cars may not uppermost in their minds.

I own a 2006 Matrix. My neighbors own a 2004 Volvo sedan, I forget which model.

The Volvo is much more “upscale” in materials and performance. More of everything, including care, feeding and insurance.

Three times in the last five years I’ve seen them using a loaner car while the Volvo is in the shop.

In 2.5 years so far nary a hiccup with the Matrix, knock wood.

If Volvo is a step up in reliability for Chery they might learn something. Like Ford did when they bought into Mazda. Ford learned a lot about quality control. Mazda built a transmission for the Escort as did Ford. The Mazda transmission had far fewer returns, and Ford looked into why that was the case. Soon, the Ford transmissions were almost as good as the Mazda transmissions. That same good fortune could come to Chery, too.

BTW, I would not sell the Vibe and buy the Volvo. It just doesn’t make good economic sense.

Better dealers will give loaners during servicing for major checkups as part of the premium price. Not sure if Volvo is a premium brand but others typically all offer nice loaners without separate charge.