Elantra violent vibration

i have a 2005 elantra with automatic transmission and about 120000 miles on it. it has a bad vibration starting around 60 mph and above, gets much worse under acceleration and better when you let off. the front struts and mounts have been replaced. the vibration feels as it is coming from the transmission, because the car itself vibrates not so much the steering wheel. any answers would help.

How long since your last tire balance?

That’s the first thing that comes to mind.

A few months ago, even tryed rotating them back to front with no change. I have also change the up and downstream O2 sensors. thanks for any help you can give

Was there any recent work done when you first started noticing the vibration? Maybe transmission or steering work done?
I’m thinking axles, alignments, damaged rims, ball joints, hubs, etc…

Because the noise gets worse when you accelerate, I think that it is possible that the CV joints are the problem. Try listening for this noise while you turn the wheel left and right (carefully!!!). If the noise changes when you turn the wheel at highway speed, then that points to either CV joints or wheel bearings.

Now I’m not sure if its noise or vibration but either way VDC is right. If the car has any jiggle to it at idle or at other speeds I’d also check the motor mounts. But either way my $$ would be on a bad inner CV joint.

I’ll third that guess on the inner CV joint.

Thanks for all the help, the axles seem to make the most sense the vibration seems to be coming from that area and get worse when under load. I’ll check them out and let you know, thanks again.

swapped the axless out today and even though they didnt seem worn out the problem seems to be gone. One odd thing though, the passenders side had an axle with an abs sensor on it all the wiring and everything was there. The drivers side nothing, no wiring, no ring on the cv joint…was this a friday car? Just wondering.