Volvo V70 Turbo-wistle-Turbo sound

Hey, i haw a Volvo V70 2.4D and i Wonder if its possible to make the Turbo sound any louder? i haw looket at youtube and haw found no help in that.*
if its possible to make it loud whitout modifying the whole engine bay

makes no sense to do this. but to each his own…


well, not to be rude but dosent make sense to comment if u are to no help at all, but hey each to his own i gues

He posted a link to the noisemaker, so I do believe @weekend-warrior was trying to be helpful.


yes and no, i haw tryed those before and they make no sound whatsoever

Air cleaner boxes are designed to silence the induction noise. Remove the air cleaner and use an open air filter, you will hear more turbo impeller noise.


ok, i looket at my airfilter box, and ontop of its the brain for the car…

This is a diesel. You cannot make the turbo whistle sound because you do not have a throttle plate to restrict airflow. A faked sound is the best you can get.

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When driving near a diesel semi truck I can hear the turbocharger whistle.

Maybe the OP should trade for an International Harvester CXT like this:


Maybe focus on making the exhaust sound you like.

Another idea: Some manufacturers (Alfa Romeo for example) have speakers or sonic resonators in the engine compartment to produce a sound they think the customer would like to hear. It might be possible for an expert to extract one of those gadgets from a wreck and install in your car.

The sound is generally played through the stereo. My Mustang has a tube from the intake to the car’s interior to import intake noise… :disguised_face:

@VOLVO-V70 is loud enough. Don’t make him any louder. :smiley:

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