Volvo V70XC Turbo Problem?

I have a '98 V70XC with 110,000 miles. The engine has started making a whining noise when I start the car. The noise continues for 2 to 3 minutes. The noise sounds like a whirring or whining sound that is definitely coming from the engine compartment. I suspect/fear that it is related to the turbo. Anyone else have the same issue??

It sounds like it may be. You need to localize the sound under the hood when you first start it.

In reality a turbo sounds expensive sounds expensive to replace but in relation to a Volvo repair they are not out of this world. Whatever you do, try to avoid the dealer.

Could be the turbo, but it could be air whistling through the airbox. Check that the air filter is properly installed and all the clips are locked down correctly. Check the air hose connections to see if one is loose or popped off its contact point.

If it is the turbo not much you can do. If you haven’t already been using a synthetic oil, now is a good time to start. Oil and oil change frequency are the biggest factors in the longevity of a turbo. The bearing in there runs hot and that’s why synthetics are better, the molecules in the oil hold up better under the heat and pressures of a turbo.

When e turbo dies it won’t stop the car in its tracks. You’ll have markedly less power, but you can still drive the car to a garage to replace the turbo. My '98 XC70 had all kinds of problems but the original turbo went 210,000 miles and was still running strong and quiet.

This is a very expensive car to own and maintain. If you haven’t had lots of major repair bills already count yourself lucky. I’d advise selling the car based on my experience with one with more than 100K miles on it.

I doubt it is any of the “easy” fixes you mentioned!! The whirring sound stops on it’s own after a few minutes. I would think it would continue without end if it were a loose air filter housing, or hose of some sort.
I have always used synthetic oil and otherwise the engine seems to run perfectly.
I am now living in Germany and should be able to get it repaired at many local shops, but the $ to Euro exchange rate is not too good right now!
Thanks for your input.

It may actually be a leak in your turbo plumbing or otherwise in vacuum hoses. Given it only occurs when cold it possibly goes away once some items expand due to normal heat up.

My “Check Engine” light just came on and after having it re-set at the local German repair shop, they advised that if the light comes back on it means the air pump is “kaput”! (The light did come on witin a day or so.) The cost of replacing the air pump over here (Germany) is even more substantial that in the states (due to current exchange rate). The Germans tend to go straight to the heart of a problem, and am not sure they even consider other minor sources like a clogges PCV valve. Could the high pitched whining noise I was hearing a few weeks back (that has since stopped!) have been the PCV valve as it was becoming more clogged? Or,was it more likely the last gasps of the air pump as it was going out??
BTW: the car stil runs great. Would that be the case if the air pump was not working??
Thanks for any input.
RedMann in Germany!

The purpose of the air pump is to get more oxygen into the exhaust for less pollution. It doesn’t impact on how the car runs, just how much pollutants it puts out into the air.

I try to be as environmentally concious at the next fellow, but would like to know whether the air pump is actually not working before I replace it. With you moniker I gather you know a good bit about turbos and all associated parts. Would you think the PCV valve is a viable option to consider before replacing the air pump, or is that more wishful thinking on my part!?
Thanks for your input.
(in Germany!)