2000 Volvo V70

Is it worth it to replace a Transfer case and Drive shaft on a 2000 Volvo v70 with 120K miles?
Esitmated repair cost are close to 5K for parts and labor.

I would not bother, unless the rest of the car is in like-new condition and you really love the car. A 12 year old Volvo is at the beginning of a long list of expensive repairs and replacements.

The car is and will always be a money pit from this point forward. Trade it. I owned 2 of them a '98 and '00 and I’m talking from experience. If you put the $5000 into the car, the next $1000+ repair job is less than 6 months away.

It’s worth about $3000 in a private part sale in goood condition. I wouldn’t put $5000 into it. Maybe you can get about $600 for it. There’s someone near Baltimore/Washington that says he’ll pay $600 for anything whether it runs or not. Maybe there’s someone near you that does this, too.