Volvo V70 auto transmission lurching when shifting

My wife’s V70 has a problem when shifting. To me it feels like it engages the clutch to go to the next gear, and then something spins up before the clutch disengages causing a lurch. Am I looking at a rebuild or is there a better solution?

Well, lets see…no one knows what year it is, how may miles are on it, whether or not or how and how often the transmission has been serviced, whether or not ou have checked the fluid and what its level and condition are like, or whether or not you have any warning lights on your dashboard. So, I guess one could just flip a coin?

First check the fluid - make sure it is at the proper level and nice and pink and clean looking without any kind of a foul smell. Next, the best place to start is to just take it to a local shop that specializes in transmissions. It doesn’t cost much to get it evaluated. If you do that, then you can report back for feedback (include any error codes that might turn up).