Volvo 2002 VC70 XC lurching

sometimes when you slow down for an exit and then step on the gas pedal, it lurches like it skipped a gear. Or sometimes is sounds like you’re pressing the gas pedal while in neutral and then it kicks into gear with a lunging forward. What do I need to do?

If you have about 120K or more miles get ready for a new transmission. Not uncommon on older V70XC Volvo’s. A new trans filter and fluid change is worth a try.

When was the trans fluid last changed? Was the trans ever flushed? How many miles and years between trans services?

153,000 miles :(. We’re not original owners but some records indicated they maintained the car regularly. Our mechanic did a prepurchase check and things seemed in good working order. He performed the 150k service. We’ve only had the car since sept. I’ll have my mechanic change the filter and flush and see if that works. Thanks for your reply.