Clunky Transmission - Volvo V70 -2001

I own a Volvo V70, 2001. It has about 79K miles. For a while now when starting off there is about a 5/10sec delay before the car shifts into 1st from reverse. And when it does shift into gear it clunks, not the sound (kinda) but you can feel it; caclunk. The cacluck also occurs when moving from 1st up to second gear. But not always. The car which I do love, is an automatic. My husband says that it will cost thousands of dollars to repair and that it’s a default with the car. My mechanic thinks the transmission fluid needs to be changed and the computer reset. Thoughts?

I’d try a fluid change. What have you got to lose?

What’s the suggested replacement interval for this fluid, according to the owner’s manual?

It’s time for a change. Volvo recommends changing automatic transmission fluid every 52,500 miles. I did it once a while back & my mechanic thought that they may not of used the proper synthetic fluid. I called them to ask & they said that it is the correct fluid. I am going to suggest that we go ahead w/the computer adjustment/fluid change and see how it goes. Any other suggestions, thoughts etc are welcome. Thank you.

Just make sure they dont just want to hook up a flush machine and flush the trans without dropping the pan and changing the filter.


Ok transman will do. Thanks for the tip.