Volvo turn signal - new bulb and fuse - but still does not work!

The front passenger side turn signal on my Volvo S60 went gone out, so I change the bulb and also check the fuses and everything is fine and should work, EXCEPT it does not, the turn signal will work for a couple blinks each time I start the car and then I’ll hear very fast clicking and the signal not long work for the remainder of the trip. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Does your Volvo still use bulb holders and plates in the front and rear signal housings? These become a serious PITA as the slightest bit of corrosion on the plate causes a high-resistance spot that eventually gets burned out and looses connection to the light bulb. I’ve seen this issue with Volvo’s, BMW’s, and Audi’s.

The housing needs to be removed from the car to fix. I’ve read a couple of fixes that have helped, like polishing the contact surface of the plate to clean off the corrosion to adding solder to the contact point to cover the corrosion and even fill in a burn hole. Careful inspection of the signal housing will tell you if any of these fixes is feasible.

Good luck.

I am with busted on this one, but I would not limit the problem to those that use bulb holders. It can do it an almost any car.