Volvo Brain Fart

So, my 2005 S60 is having electrical problems with the turn signal; when using the left turn signal, the left turn signal works, but the brights go on

When I flip it to the right, the brights yet again turn on. They turn off when I put it back to the middle.


The problem might be caused by water getting into the connector of the Central Electronic Module.

The CEM is basically a computer that controls all the exterior lights on the vehicle, among other functions.


very possible considering this started when it was freezing cold and snowy in Milwaukee, situation just continued getting worse until it finally gave me this issue. Do you know what I may have to do going forward with this? Thanks for the response

You have to take the vehicle to the dealer so the CEM connector can be inspected. If the connector is damaged, then the wiring harness to the CEM will be replaced and a rubber grommet will be installed to prevent further water leakage.

This is not a recall on your vehicle. But instead voluntary campaign by Volvo to make these corrections at no cost to you.


Double posts again?


HAHA, no worries, ill like both, thanks again, really appreciate it

Just for kicks try changing the steering wheel tilt.