Front Left Turn Signal Goes Out Frequently (Once a week or more)

For a little over a month now, the front left turn signal has gone out at least once a week. I have been continuing to buy new bulbs for it, and it would run for a few days, then quit on me again. Just today, it happened again, I replaced the bulb, but this time it still isn’t working. Ive tried clearing some of the crud off of the inside of the socket, but nothing seems to be working, and now im down a turn signal. Please help. (I can only make so many right turns. lol)

It might be that the bulb is ok, but corrosion on the contact area (off the car’s connector) is the problem. Next time it happens, remove the suspect bulb and connect the bulb up to a known good battery, see if it lights up. Even a 1.5 volt battery should light it up a little if it is good. Or use a DVM to measure the filament resistance. In any case, if the bulb is good but the light doesn’t turn on, it is either a bad connection to the bulb, or the circuit isn’t turning on the voltage to bulb circuit for some reason. A DVM can tell you which.