Volvo S80 Won't Start

My Volvo S80 won’t start. It turns over fine and sounds like it’s going to fire up, but nothing happens after I stop turning the key. It sounds a little like it might not be getting enough fuel.

Any ideas on how I can get it cranked and running long enough for a trip to the mechanic.

What year? If it is the fuel pump, you’ll need a tow. My Volvo ran great one day and the next morning won’t start. Cranked fine, but nothing else. Are you getting any hints of firing cylinders? If not a bad fuel pump is very possible if the car is 6 yrs or more old.

A tow, $1,000 bucks was all I needed to get my Volvo running again. If it is a fuel pump it is likely the only source for a new one is from a Volvo dealer, very pricey buggers they are too.