1980 Volvo 240 Series, Sat for a long time. Won't Start


Battery is not the problem. I’m assuming it is something with the fuel. Any ideas?


It is a good time to consider retiring it. Even if it runs, it’s still 28 years old and has been “parked for a while”. Seems like there is always a buyer even for non running cars, so maybe you can get something for it.


It would help if we knew whether the problem was fuel or spark related along with knowing some of the symptoms.

Tank drained and fresh gas?
New fuel filter?
Any coughing or sputtering?
Have you tried pulling a plug wire and using an old spark plug to determine if you have a spark?

Spray a healthy shot of carb cleaner into the intake and crank it over. If it does nothing, then you know it’s electrical.
If it fires up momentarily then you can figure it’s fuel related.

I hope you’re not trying to start it on old gas as that is a waste of time.
Also, many times an electric fuel pump may get grungy and seize up if allowed to sit for a long time.


Far a car that old “a while” might be a week or it may be 20 years. How long??? Under what conditions? Was it prepred for storage?