1998 Volvo won't start

My 1998 Volvo S70 with 215,000 runs like a dream but it occasionally will not start. The starter sounds like it wants to turn the engine over and all of the electronics work when the key is turned. My mechanic has looked at everything and cannot figure it out. The car at times will not start and if it is left alone for a while it will then start. I have had it towed to his shop after not starting and once it arrived he had no problem starting it. What could be going on?

I would start by telling us how old the battery is? I would suggest stoping by a local autoparts store and have them check the battery and starter. Generally they will do this for free. Then come back and let us know what was found.

Sounds like fuel pressure. This can be tested, but is sometimes intermittent. A 98 with 215k miles is about due for a new fuel pump.

The battery is fairly new. The car just ran for a week but now won’t start again. They were able to get it started and then it died while backing down the driveway and my wife said its making a strange noise when it accelerates.


My guess is the fuel pump is about to fail completely. Then it won’t start at all. Happened to my '98 V70XC wagon.

"The starter sounds like it wants to turn the engine over "

Ok - but it doesn’t actually turn over? You turn the key and it…what? Clicks? Goes RRR.RR.RR.RR.RR.RR over and over but never actually fires up?

Hi…I’m wondering if you ever found a solution to your problem? My 1990 Volvo is having the exact same problem. I just replaced the battery. The fuel pressure is good, and the fuel pump is ok, and otherwise, it runs like a dream. Every so often, when I try to start it up, it goes RRR.RRR.RRR, but doesn’t actually fire up. It’s been towed twice to a place that specializes in repairing Volvos, and they’re stumped. It starts up every time for them (of course). If you have solved your issue, please share. I will post here if I ever get to the bottom of my issue, too.