Volvo S80 Starting Issues

I have a 2002 S80 2.9 non-turbo with about 150,000 miles. I’m not a seasoned mechanic or anything but I figure things out when they need fixed with the help of forums and YouTube. (fcp euro is fantastic so shout out to them and everyone on here)

Has terrible suspension which I have been a little too hard on (soon to replace)
and a bad front right upstream O2 sensor (on the way)

I recently replaced the PCV system, which was long overdue. In order to do that I removed the intake mamifold and fuel rail, after pulling the fuel pump fuse while running until the car ceased to run.

While removing the fuel rail, I found that the little plastic washer bits on some of the injectors were cracked so I replaced those with new rubber o rings.

I also replaced the spark plugs at this same time.

Everything went back together fine except this little clip, cannot figure out what I pulled it from for the life of me.

So then, and to the point, now no matter how long I turn the car over on the first try, doesn’t start. The second time, it starts, and the engine feels much more powerful with more pickup than before the replacements. Once the car has been running it seems to start fine.

I have read fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, check valve, or sensors as possible answers. (Also the O2 sensor, but it wasn’t doing this before, so unless its as a result of the computer resetting from battery disconnect…?)

Then (long story but fiance left the car running on idle too long and battery ran out) so I charge it over night, then today couldn’t get it to start until like 2 minutes of trying (gas light was on) and the car sputtered and struggled to barely get power eniugh to start, struggled about 20 seconds then seemed to run smoothly.


ECM (240A inlet camshaft control)

2810 (front heated oxygen sensor HO2S Bank 1 heating)

I don’t have a fuel pressure gauge but am going to get one soon.

Any idea?DSC_0337

As for your question about long crank times, could be a fuel pressure regulator or anti-backflow valve in the fuel pump or a leaky injector. The pressure gauge will tell you IF it is a leak, but not where.

The clip looks like a retainer for a fuel, vapor or brake line.

And THIS points to a charging system issue. Unless your fiance is pounding out tunes thru a huge aftermarket amp or running the seat heaters, idle should NOT run the battery down.

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