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Slow Starting with sputtering and stalls

Hi, I have VOLVO S60 that seems to be having bit of trouble starting. When I turn the key the car Goes Chur Chur Chur Chur Chur Chur Chur vroOOom and then it runs fine. I bought the car used, I am the second owner. So I tough it starting like that might have been just a Volvo thing but recently it stalled out right after the vroOOom bit and then the next day It coughed and sputtered right before the vroOOom bit when it started. And today I though I felt a bit of a flutter in the engine when I was driving slow through a neighborhood on my way to work. Any thoughts as to what might be a possible cause? I am looking for a possible direction to start looking for the cause to this.


Hi John!
Could we get the model-year, please?


Yes, it is a 2007 S60 2.5T

what is a mileage and how long since replacing spark plugs ?
it might be as simple as worn plugs

it has coil on plug design vs single coil so there are more parts to mess with doing a plug change. Does car run better when warm? Or poorly at all times?

@andriy.fomenko It has 174,000 miles on it. I am not sure how long it has been since the plugs have been replaced. I just bought it used, I am the second owner of the car.

@Cavell I am going to say it runs better when it is warm. it has the most trouble when it starts in the morning. it still has some after it has run for a while but not like it dose after it has cooled down and been sitting for a while.

given no traceable history, I would replace spark plugs

if this engine design uses wires and distributor: I would seriously consider replacing these components too

one trick I used before to check if wires/distributor might be at fault: clean them up (in and out) with WD40 spray and then mop it up with shop towel, then see if it improves the condition. if you are dealing with wires/distributor problem, it will provide a temporary relief

in any case, having car with 174K miles and no history of spark plugs replacement: definitely something to be done

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You might consider having a fuel pressure check performed to make sure it’s not losing residual fuel pressure.

COP. coil on plug. no plug wires. no distributor. funny how folks seem to ignore info.