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2014 Honda CR-V - Fob FUBAR

The key fob was intermitently working but then ceased to work. The red LED light stays on for several seconds and then goes out. Replaced battery in remote Key it still will not lock or unlock doors. The LED light still comes on for several
seconds each time I press the lock and or the unlock buttons but the locks do not function. A second remote key works fine so it is not the locking system. Had the same problem 2 years ago and the Honda dealer replaced the battery and it eventually worked. What is happening?

Try replacing the battery now.

Those things are very cheaply made and do wear out. They are similar to the $10 TV remotes you can buy. I suspect you just need a new one and have it programmed. Otherwise you can take it apart and try and refresh some of the contacts but it’s just a circuit board with the rubber boot. I paid about $60 for two new ones and a little over $100 for the dealer to program them so it’s not like a major expense like Christmas.

Thanks. I will talk to dealer this week.

Did you have any water entering the keyfob at some time in the past?
At some point, I had old Nissan beater I bough as a first car for my child and remote was misbehaving similar to what you describe.
I opened remote and found that switches under buttons were damaged by liquid of some sort.
After washing it with rubbing alcohol and drying they worked… for a while…
We did not keep that car long enough to know how long.