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Volvo or Ford Freestyle

Recently my Volvo S70 was totaled. Only very minor injuries for a front and back seat passenger. The car did its job and protected us.

Now in the market for a new vechicle. Considering the Ford Freestyle 2007. The crash tests seem to be equal. A friend said that the Volvo would be safer because it has a steal cage.

The maintenance for the S70 was brutal. I would like lower maintenance bills and hope for this with the Freestyle.

However, safety for me and occupants is my primary concern. Money is an issue.

Please advise.

Go here to see about SUV safety. This is the most recent data. Your insurer has more recent information; they and all the other insurers contributed to this set of charts.

The Freestyle is based on the 500, which is based on a Volvo sedan. So essentially you’re buying a cheaper Volvo, with cheaper maintenance. Go for the Freestyle.

By the way, almost every car these days has a steel cage of some sort. But the Volvo is the only one with a ‘steal’ cage. Is it made especially easy for thieves to get?