Still looking........(Volvo V70 content)


for a replacement vehicle for the family. awhile back i posted a question regarding minivans. in the meantime, i picked up CR’s '08 best/worst cars. in it, they rated the '02 Volvo V70 as a “best” used vehicle in the $10M to $12M range. i don’t know much about volvos so i’m looking for any/all opinions. remember, 2 kids active in sports…you get the picture :wink:


I missed that when I read the CR issue, but in general, I think Volvos come with higher parts costs. For me, where I live on the fringe of a metro area, parts availability is somewhat of an issue. If you lived where you had little to no access to a Volvo dealership, the issue would be greater. I would go for a good used mini-van before the Volvo, for those reasons.


Volvo’s tend to be pricier to fix than say a domestic car. If you find a good foreign or Volvo specific independent mechanic locally they are pleasant cars to own.


Drive one and see if you like it.


My volvo s70 recently was totaled, putting in the market for a new to me car. I was seriously considering the volvo v70, but hesitant because of the repair costs of the s70, which I loved. Many of the times my volvo was in the shop I had a v70 loaner and I loved them, powerful, nice room, safe… Prior to the Volvo I had a truck, the functionality of which I missed.

After much research I ended up with a 2005 Freestyle (reliabilty prediction not great for the 2005), though the 2006 and 2007s have good predictions. When I had the a mechanic check out the freestyle he felt it was good choice, repair costs much lower because it is American made. I am only a few days in, but I LOVE the Freestyle. Great room, seats 6 or 7. It doesn’t have the power of the Volvo V70 but it has enough power. The safety tests are good for all year models. You can get accessories for many sports to carry equipment on the roof. My passion is gardening and I am thrilled with the space inside for many bags of mulch.

The Freestyle is a crossover, so not as high as an SUV, but has the room of a minivan.

Good luck with your search.


We also have a Freestyle, but the 2007. It won out over a Subaru Outback because of the taller door height so it’s easier to get kids in and out. I have found it to have plenty of cargo space and is pleasant to drive. I really like the rear well where I can place goods and not have them slide all over.