My son has a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 75,000 mile on it and loaded to the gills. When he returns home form overseas next month he wants to trade it in for a small more economical vehicle. I offered to trade him even for my 2002 Volvo S60 T5 with 88,000 miles and also loaded to the gills. He thinks he is “downgrading” if he trades for the Volvo. I feel he is upgrading. Any thoughts on this. Both vehicles have been very well maintained and both have no payments.

Which could he afford to maintain and repair ?
I wouldn’t want any Volvo myself on that logic alone.

He IS downgrading.
He’s losing ;
Cargo space
off-road ability
& 3 yrs.

Downgrading depends on your point of view. If he wants an SUV, then the S60 is a downgrade no matter how nice a sedan the S60 is. Personally, I’d prefer the Volvo because I like cars better than trucks. But that’s me.

Well, your car is older and has higher mileage, so I can see why he feels it’s a step down.

I suggest you let your son find his own vehicle. Everyone will be a lot happier.

I will take the Jeep, you keep to Volvo, let your son buy something he likes.

Stay out of it, and let him buy whatever car he wants himself. Both cars are getting older and are heading into the much more expensive to repair zone. Especially the '02 Volvo is going to get more expensive as older Volvo’s can become money pits.

If I were your son I’d be very leery of taking on an '02 Volvo at 90k miles. If I were you I’d consider trading the Volvo soon.

I agree with uncle. Unless you can afford to give a vehicle to your son, selling or trading especially if something later goes wrong, can cause problems. Just saying that his car is “better” is letting you know up front he holds you responsible if things go wrong or wants money too. Give your car to him but don’t trade or sell a car to a friend or relative.

Pacer vs. Vega? Hornet vs. Gremlin? Six of one…

Downgrading or upgrading, it doesn’t matter. You’ve made the offer and he’s declined.

Help him find what he wants. Don’t take his perception that this is a downgrade personally. Especially if he’s overseas serving our country. He’ll need to come home to love, acceptance, and respect for his decisions and feelings. You need not agree with them, but you do need to respect them.

And if he is serving his country, pass on out sincere “thank yous” to him. I’ve been hanging around this forum long enough to know that everyone here would happily welcome him home.

Sincere best.

I whole-heartedly agree with mountainbike on this one.

Hmmm…as a soon to be ex-owner of an older Volvo I am wondering why you are forcing your car on him - it will be a money pit. You have gotten the best miles out of the car and will be saddling him with problems. You offered. He declined. If he wants a more economical vehicle, a Volvo isn’t it. Choose your battles and let this one go.