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Trade 2009 Subaru Impreza Sedan for a Volvo?

Hi Craig,
I listen to your show on Jay Talking WBZ. I own a 2009 Imprezza with 89,000 miles on it. I keep it well maintained. My dream car is a volvo. A new one is out of question. Do you think it would be a good idea to trade my Imprezza now for used Volvo. What year and make is the best volvo. I am retired.

Well , who ever Craig is I don’t know if he will see your post. No one in their right mind buys a used Volvo . Disclaimer - we have a Volvo but it was a new purchase and maintained by the Volvo dealer ( not cheap ) . If you must have a Volvo then lease one new and turn it back in at lease end.

As for best year , it does not matter - what does is how the used vehicle of any brand was taken care of.


I think you’d be going from the frying pan into the fire.

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Do you expect it to be reliable and cheap to maintain? Or are you willing to overlook those factors in order to drive your dream car?

I own a Volvo and while we like it I can’t think of any Volvo made in the last few years I would put on a dream car list.
Maybe Margaret will say which one and why.

In fact, many of us in this forum recommend getting rid of Volvos (and other European makes) when the warranty expires. Repairs on Volvos tend to become frequent as they age, and those repairs are invariably very expensive.

As I tell friends and neighbors…
I owned a Volvo… ONCE!

I wouldn’t wish a used Volvo on anyone.

Trading in a known good Subaru on a used Volvo would be a self inflicted wound, in my mind.


That would be a pretty good example of shooting one’s self in the foot.

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Thank you for your thoughts. Appreciate it!

A friend is buying a Volvo S60 hybrid. He is very particular about his cars. He researches every vehicle that meets his interests, and test drives them all. If he likes more than one, he will take the finalists for another test drive. It has to be perfect. If he can’t find one with the options and colors he wants, he will order it. He couldn’t find any S60 hybrids with 18" wheels, they all had 19s. The new 2020 S60 will be delivered in about a month. If you can afford the $55,000 MSRP less about $3000 discount, you might consider this. He’s ecstatic and isn’t worried about reliability. His 1989 Corvette cured him of that affliction years ago. If it’s your dream car, buy it. You won’t have many more opportunities to do so as a senior.


The OP stated that she is interested in buying a used Volvo.

I don’t think I’d accept a used Volvo as a gift. I sure wouldn’t trade a good, running car for one.

Did you hear about the contest whose first prize was a used Volvo?
The second prize was two used Volvos!


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I had 2 fiends that had Volvo sedans, they had service manuals on the back shelf.

The point is, the guy is buying a Volvo despite possible reliability issues. It’s the car he wants, and his priorities put reliability lower on the list than other things.

Fair enough, but my point–that you suggested a new Volvo, despite the OP’s statement that she is looking for a used Volvo–is still valid.

I leased a brand new Volvo and I lived across the street from the Volvo dealer. The seats were very comfortable and the red paint was pretty. The rest of the experience was bad. All the repairs were free, and I got a new car as a loaner. BUT: Way too many repairs, like three batteries in three years, a broken door hinge, a failed turn signal socket, etc etc.
I have heard, from a used car buyer, that the Chinese ownership has not improved quality.

Thank you for taking time to reply. Everyone seems to have same opinion. Not a good idea. I have decided to be happy with my Subaru for as long as it still runs. Car Talk has really helped. Thanks again.

I still want to know what Volvo you consider a ’ Dream Vehicle ’ .

The only Dream Volvo I can think of would be a restored P1800 .

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My Brother bought a new 1972 P1800. He had it for 6 years with no problems! Of course I owned 4 British sports cars and was never visited by Sir Joseph Lucas, Prince of darkness! We must have inherited exceptional good luck.