Volvo is causing me broke

I have a 95’ volvo 960 wagon, drives very nice until it dies. It’s got about 20100 miles, I think, anyways it’s been ding intermitently, would stall or even start to stall and start right back up, Finally the check engine light came on and would not start, we shook some wires and it acted like it wanted to start, so after messing with it I took to the shop and the codes from the check engine said it was the wire connecting to or under the manifold. I had some others guys look at it, they said the wires were fine, after $1000 of dollars trying to get this fixed it is still doing it, can anyone think of anything reason of why or what this is. Thanks so much

If you try to make this a bit easier for us to understand, we might be able to offer some suggestions. As it is, the story is…shall we say…not clear.
How about starting with the specific code(s) that were obtained by scanning the OBD system?

I’ll bet it is the ignition module. We had this problem with a similar make of Volvo. The problem will only get worse. The ignition module is a 10 minute change-out and about $140 for the part. Most places may need to order it. On my friends Volvo, it was bolted to the inside of the fender, driver’s side, behind the battery.


K so this just happened tonight, I had the car running for a while, when I came home, parked it, turned off the heater, then the car stalls. So I thought maybe I did something wrong, turned the car back on turned the heater back on full blast, the R.P.Ms took a few seconds to go back to just under 1 rpm, where it usually idols.(spelling)? What’s that mean?