94 Volvo 960 Sedan Loses Power & Then Starts Right Back Up

My '94 Volvo Sedan just loses power, no dash lights come on, it just silently dies. It starts right back up. I took it to a mechanic who checked out the fuel pumps (he said there were 2) and they tested fine. He replaced the fuel filter. It is still dying. It seems to happen when it is hotter, mornings are fine. It hasn’t happened in the last few days because the temp has been about 82 tops. I read earlier today on this site that it could be the ignition module. I have replaced the air filter, and am running fuel injector cleaner also. Any ideas?

Assuming the check engine light is not on, and all the routine engine maintenance suggested in the owner’s manual is up to date.

My first guess is what your mechanic thought, a fuel pump on the fritz. It could still be that I suppose. You may have to wait until it won’t run at all to prove it is an intermittent fuel pump. that’s problematic for you I expect. … hmmmmm … ok …

If not the fuel pump, then something to do w/ignition would be the next step. Crank sensor would be my guess if your Volvo uses one. Cars of that era sometimes used a sensor in the distributor or on the camshaft instead. But an ignition system sensor failure should be considered, especially if this seems to be heat related. Does it ever stop working when the engine is still cold? Or only when the engine is warmed up? If the latter, that would be consistent with an ignition system sensor problem.

Anything else affecting the spark could cause it too, such as the ignition module as you mention. Intermittent problems are often very difficult to resolve until the problem starts to happen often enough that it will happen at the shop. At that point, the shop can determine what’s wrong. If you can’t wait, then the shop will have to start replacing the likely candidates – fuel pumps, ignition sensors, ignition module, etc – until the problem goes away.

Thank you for your advice. It’s pretty much what I thought. I was wrong on the year of my car. This has been stressful. It’s a 94 Model 960. I did another post using the right year and model of the car. Obviously this is going to be an expensive troubleshooting problem. I have a manual and can’t even figure out which ignition module goes with this model. Thank you again for taking the time to respond. And yes, it seems to happen when the engine is warmed up, so it appears to be an electrical problem, the ignition system sensor. Oh, for the days when I had a VW Bug!

Car problems are indeed stressful. I mean we all rely on them for everything, job, food, emerg everything. It’s completely understandable car problems cause lots of stress. One thing, once you get it fixed and purring again, you’ll feel free and great! Things getting you down? Then think of that!

…no dash lights come on…

Shouldn’t the dash be lighting up like a Christmas tree when the engine quits?

I think @Volvolina means no dash lights come on before the engine loses power and stops running. @LewisCannon is right, several dash lights should come on after the engine quits. The same ones that turn on when you turn the key from “off” to “on” but before you turn to “start”.