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Volvo help?!

I have a '95 Volvo 850 GLT station wagon. When the weather changes for the worse my car gurgles…looses power and sometimes dies out. It runs smooth until I park and then it sometimes will act up. I notice it is when I press on the gas or when I drive slower. My engine shakes, I have checked all fluids, changed spark plugs, made sure the hose for the air is on tight. I recently had to replace the firewall. The check engine light blinks when it is gurgling and when it stops blinking the car runs smooth. I am thinking electrical, maybe spark plug wires. I have yet to run a diagnostic…will do tomorrow.

Run diagnostics. Even with a '95, the ECM should still be holding trouble codes. This should help lead you to the problem.

Thankx…I went to Checker and they said they cannot run any codes due to the year…or they couldn’t find it.

Try this page to see what the codes are:

Checker Auto Car Parts thought that ALL 1995 vehicle were not OBDII. Wrong. The Volvo 850 sedan / wagon (but,not TCs) are OBD II. The scan tool that Checker has WILL work on your car (IF, it’s not turbo-charged).
Here’s the list of cars which are OBD II in 1994, and 1995:

“I recently had to replace the firewall”

Huh? Can you clarify this? Was the car in a major collision?

Every time I started the car the oil would explode from the dip stick…the fire wall is a small screen that needed to be replaced.

we might call this a flame arrestor?

In the manual it is called a fire wall…? I took it to checker and they were pretty dumb…I had to show them where the diagnostic was and they still couldn’t figure it out! So…I noticed the cap to the belts was lose and the hose that connected the radiator(?) was dis-connected. I put the top back on and pushed in the hose and so far so good. I will investigate and find out what exactly I put back together???

I kinda get the impression that you don’t work on cars much. Mechanics have certain names for parts which everybody don’t know. It would be helpful if you had somebody who is somewhat of a mechanic to look at the engine and you could show them what you want to tell us and then that mechanic could tell us in mechanic words what’s what. OK?

You see I am learning, that is why I am here. Machanics DO have certain names for parts that not everyone knows(correct english), myself included. However, I do not have a machanic I trust, who would relay information as such. That, my friend is WHY I am here and WHY I ask the general “machanic” folk, as yourself…to help…:)So, to correct myself…I was speaking of the “flame trap”, next to the “crank case”. As far as the other details…I will correct myself as soon as I figure it out…I was just happy that I may have fixed the problem without being a “machanic” and being overcharged with terminology that the common folk…don’t know. OK?