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1994 Volvo 850 turns off with no warning

We have a 1994 Volvo 850 that sometimes just simply shuts down during driving. I am assuming it is electrical as everything just dies. The garage we go to says we have to take it to Volvo to get the code read. Anybody have any experience with this? Also, I seem to think it happens more often when there is less gas in the tank; my son thinks the gas level has nothing to do with it. Thanks.

If the check engine light is turning on then perhaps there is a problem with one of the engine sensors. So checking the error codes may show up a clue to this mystery. It could also be a relay problem, possibly for the ignition. The relays may be under a panel near the windshield, under the hood. The trouble may also be with the relay for the fuel pump or with the ignition switch. There will be no codes to check if there is a problem with a relay or the ignition switch.

Does it die with a bit of sputter (fuel) or instantly shut off (ignition).

How/when does it restart?

Google Brickboard, go to Front Wheel Drive section and search the forum for your problem.