Good place for diagnostic work Volvo - ZIP 94621


I recently posted a question here and had my car in my friendly, good and affordable neighborhood dad-n-son-shop.

Unfortunately they could not reproduce my problem (engine sputtered, turned off but few minutes later would turn back on) and after checking fuel pressure and some hoses they sent me on my merry way again.

Since I would like to have piece of mind and get a potential problem fixed I want to take up on their advice and get a diagnostic check somewhere nearby, preferably not too far from my ZIP code 94621 in Oakland, CA as I am scared to be stalled on the road again as it happened twice this past week, two days in a row.

Anyone aware of a place that can check my Volvo to see what’s up so I can take it back to my mechanics and let them fix whatever needs to be done?



p.s. could it be that bad gasoline makes your engine sputter? After it stalled I put more gas in it as I was running low to begin with and my mechanic drove a few miles without any problem…

Check out the “MechanX Files” on this site for recommendations: