Volvo compressor replaced many times, still won't work

The belt and the compressor in my 98 v70 volvo died last year in may, I took it to a goodyear tire in florida, and after 1500 dollars it was “fixed” about a month after the ac went out, and since then they have tried and failed to put in several more,refurbished compressors, they say they have pretty much run out of options and basically I am driving around in florida with no ac but paid for it to be fixed. I suggested the “black death” to them and the guy said that was one of the first things they looked for, they also put freon in the car which they said would work until it ran out, also whenever they put a compressor in the car it dies upon turning the car on. Basically I am at my wits end, and wonder if there is anyone a bit smarter than the mechanics at this place and maybe have an answer to something they haven’t tried yet???PLEASE HELP!

I owned two V70XC’s (a 2000 and a 1998) and both are very expensive to repair and I have moved on from Volvo. What I learned is lots of places say they work on Volvo but when problems arise they are clueless. You didn’t take the car to a Volvo specialist, nor an AC specialist. I doubt the current Goodyear shop can figure this out.

Taking the car to someone else is going to run into more money and AC is certainly needed in Florida. Perhaps it is time to let the Volvo go if you can’t or don’t want to spend anymore money on fixing the AC. Ask the Goodyear shop for your $1,500 back so you can take it somewhere else.

The people who have been doing this repair are apparently lacking in the A/C knowledge dept. and I will say that I’m not a fan of the chain type of repair facilities; no matter how many certificates and diplomas are hanging on the wall.

About all I can suggest is find an indpendent shop that specializes in A/C repair because without knowing what pressures are involved, whether the compressor clutch is actually being powered up, etc, etc it’s near impossible to get into the neighborhood even with a wild guess.