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96 Volvo 960 Wagon A/C won't cool

For the last 3 years, I’ve taken my 96 Volvo 960 Wagon in to find out why the a/c doesn’t blow cool air. They do the usual leaks check and say they didn’t find a leak, then recharge the freon and it runs great for a few months. Next season, it’s the same problem. I keep spending lots of money to have them tell me nothing is wrong, but obviously there is.

How do they explain the need to recharge if they claim there’s no leak?

You need a better shop. Stop wasting your money at this one. I don’t know where you’re taking your Volvo, but I suggest you find an independent shop specializing in automotive AC systems. They will find the leak.

I agree. There is a leak and any competent AC mechanic should be able to find it. Be advised that the leak could be very expensive to fix. Let’s hope it’s just a seal or O ring that’s old and cracked.

If the leak is expensive to fix, you may find it more practical to buy your own refrigerant at Wal Mart and charge it yourself every spring. Just be careful not to add more refrigerant than you need to get it working again. If you live in California, better stock up now or you will have to smuggle in refrigerant from out of state. California intends to ban sales of 134a to non-licensed technicians.

Thank you all for your advice. The mechanic, believe it or not, is a volvo dealer we have used for 20+ years. We have stopped using them and have found a local private mechanic who has been in business for years and we are now getting our cars fixed there. That volvo dealer really has been frustrating us the last few years with overpriced repairs, charging for things like “preparation of the work order”, yeah! Their only response on the A/C was they couldn’t tell me what was wrong!!! The funny thing is they have been sending us discount coupons to "get our business back! Do you believe it! Don’t screw me the first time and you won’t lose me as a customer. "Fool me once, shame on you, But you won’t fool me twice! I’m also going to try buying my own refrigerant. Definately worth the effort. Thank you again!!!