1994 Volvo 850 Turbo station wagon

bought this from my mechanic last year and used for 2 months. Just need AC in hot S. FL, In that time put in new engine, battery, tires, alignment. Spent over $5000 on rhis and this year we came back and AC and heater and defroster do not work. I need an electronic AC Push Button Control Panel which costs $850 new. Mechanic said a used one is $150 and I would pay it, but we cannot find one. I can get the part number if anyone can help me. I am not sure this will even fix the problem. Will be in S. FL for 4 more weeks. We are sweltering. PS car works great but plastic is cracked, headliner is falling off and other cosmetic things are shot. Help…

It sounds like it’s be less expensive to rent a car for the next 4 weeks than to keep this one running. The car is obviously shot and eating cash like an elephant eats grass. I don’t know of anything that will help.

Since the mechanic sold you this beast and has also been getting rich with subsequest support costs, perhaps you can prey on his conscience and get him to loan you one of his “lot queens” until you move. Shops often have a few old vehicles hanging around that owners decided to sign over to them when presented with an unexpectedly large repair bill.


thank you for your sympathy. we never thought of asking our mechanic for a car that he could loan us. Midge