Problem AC Volvo 740 Turbo 1992


So, I’ve had this thing since Feb, and the AC has never worked. Today a neighbor helped me to use one of those AC recharge kits on it, and still nothing. He checked out all the places where it could leak, the clutch, the fuse, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t even know, and still, nothing. I ran the AC to high heck, and still, you guessed it, nothing.

HELP! What are we missing? Why isn’t the AC working?! Mind you, I’m about to embark on an 8 hour road trip, with the interior of the car being black leather. I need to get this working ASAP!

Thanks all!


There’s a good chance you’re just going to be beating your head on the wall with this.
The vehicle is 16 years old and if the A/C has never been repaired then there is a 99% chance the compressor is bad, leaking, etc. or the system has been empty so long it’s going to take some major work (money) to fix.

You do realize this is an R12 car and those “recharge kits” are R134 don’t you? What about compressor oil? What about evacuation of a long empty system that is full of moisture and has a contaminated drier?
If this is an untouched A/C unit then you can safely bet the bank that any refrigerant you install today will be gone tomorrow.

Without spending some money and having it done by someone in the know, you’re probably going to be sweating on your trip.
Should have made sure the A/C worked when you got the car; February or not.


AC repair is NOT a do-it-yourself project. Your only hope for functional AC is to take the car to an automotive AC shop and let them figure out why it isn’t working.

Adding refrigerant to an AC system that has not functioned for some time is just about pointless, not to mention a waste of money. You need a shop with the correct equipment and expertise to get the AC working again.