Volvo Blower Fan Runs when car is shut off

The last 2 days about an hour after I arrive home from a 40 min back road commute, I’ve noticed that the blower on my 2000 Volvo S80(heater/AC) fan is running. When I put the key in and move it to the first position and then off, it turns the blower off. My check engine light has been on for a while but was last summer also and seems to go on and off depending on the amount of fuel in the car and I suspect these are unrelated. It has been warm the past 2 days be we have had warmer days here. I’ve read that the blower goes on to dry out the AC unit if it has been on but this has never happened before.

On many cars the fan will continue to run to remove heat left in the engine after your drive. However it is also possible it is running too long and that could also be bad.

How long has it run?

BTW I have known of cars that will turn the fan on even after it has been parked for a while and the engine was not cool enough.

That CEL needs to be addressed, it may be serious and ignoring it may result in damage and you will never know if there is a new CEL.

You have have most of them checked at an auto parts store. Some of them will do it for free. However, remember that no CEL code says replace this or that part. Codes tell you why they came on, but not how to fix it. A lot of parts have been sold to “fix” a CEL because the code indicated something like current low to MAF, so they replace the MAF which may be fine, but that wire may be loose.

Thanks. The engine fan does run to cool the engine off after I have turned off the car - this is typical on a hot day. I have never heard the inside cabin blower go on. I discovered it each day these past 2 days after I had been home for over an hour.

I always thought the CEL was related only to the emissions of the car, not anything else. Thanks for the tip about the autoparts store but it sounds like a call to my mechanic is in order.

So if the blower turns on after about 40-60 minutes of driving and turning off the car, it’s the car drying the evaporator doesn’t that it doesn’t get musty from being damp.

Rex, this person asked their question 9 years ago so I doubt if they even have the vehicle any more.
Look to the right of the posts and you will see the date of the last post . Sometimes it will be Jan’09 or something like that . In this case Jan '09 means January 2009.

Oh lol I thought that was the day. Yeah I just started here yesterday so I’ll definitely look at the dates now.

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Oh I see. Well that’s unfortunate

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I had the same question Rex, your comments makes perfect sense to me. Even though it was 9 years later, I found the answer I was looking for thanks to you.