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My Volvo is screaming at me!

I have a 97 Volvo 850 GLT. About a week ago I noticed that my AC/Heater Fan (Blower?) was screeching when I made a left or right turn. Today, I saw water pouring out of the passenger side foot well during the screeching and turning. Then coming home from work the AC/Heater Fan died. There is still cold air coming out of the system; it’s just not blowing out. I have had the evaporator replaced (twice!) so I hope it isn’t that because if it is, I am getting rid of this car. That would be a shame because it just turned 100,000 miles recently so it’s still a baby!

It is unfortunate you did not take care of this right away. You had a trivial problem (clogged drain) that could have been resolved in a few minutes by a mechanic at nominal cost. By postponing the attention, you likely have caused the blower motor to burn out.

Anyway, now your option is to continue driving as-is, without a blower fan, or to get it replaced. The fan itself may not be too expensive but it may be a labor-intensive repair. Get an estimate and then decide.

Yes, hindsight is 20/20 vision (sigh). I live in FL so I must get the A/C fixed. The screeching did not sound very serious and I guess I should have been more alert to it. It sounded like something was stuck inside the vent. The water leaking just started today and I was planning to bring it in tomorrow. It’s probably too late to save the blower fan but there’s a video online about replacing the blower fan and it doesn’t look too bad - remove the glove box and go in that way.

What does an alternator sound like when it’s starting to fail? I remember reading somewhere that it also makes a squeal.

As my wife has learned over the years, a new sound - ANY sound - needs to be investigated, and rectified. She brings them all to me. Some are so slight I can’t even hear them, but she can, and she makes me find and fix it.

In almost any situation I can envision, from computers to cars to ceiling fans, a new noise means that something isn’t right. If caught and fixed at the first sign, many future failures can be averted altogether. Fans, leaks, motors, hard drives, they can all fail, and it’s never at an opportune time.


lol! My husband was in the car with me when it first happened so I’m not getting any help there!