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XC-90 AC & Heater Fan

We have a Volvo XC90 (2004). About 2 months ago, when we turned off the car, the blower/fan (for heater or AC) will not turn off. It continues to run, and unless we do not take out the fuse for the blower, it will run indefinitely and the car will not start the next morning! We took it to a mechanic who told us that he thinks it is the blower --he’d have to take look at it…but it will be $1500 and then, he cannot guarantee that that was the problem. So, we did not want to take him up on his nebulous offer.

We are now running the AC fan/blower on the lowest fan level- for some reason when it is at this lowest level–it will turn off when the car is turned off. SO that is what we are doing. If we need a higher fan level, we go for it, and when we arrive at our destination–we extract the fuse.

The engine light is perpetually on since all this happened. Any ideas?

I doubt the problem is the blower itself. It’s obviously working. Does this vehicle have automatic climate control or conventional HVAC controls?

I’d love to know how the mechanic came up with a price of $1,500 before he even looked at anything. I think I’d find a new mechanic. This is going to take testing of electric and/or electronic components to determine what’s wrong. This sort of testing can be time-consuming and expensive, especially on a Volvo, but there’s no other way to narrow down the source of the problem.

I’m pretty sure the Engine Light is on for a reason other than the blower not working correctly. Have you had anyone scan the computer for trouble codes? It’s the only way to find out why the light is on. Many auto parts stores will scan for codes free. I suggest you have someone check for codes and find out why the light is on.

If you turn the blower to a higher speed while driving, then turn it back to low speed before you shut off the engine, does the blower continue to run?