Volvo XC70 transmission problems

I have a 2002 Volvo XC70 wagon. Over the last few months when I shift into reverse I hear a loud clunk and the car jolts. On the worst occasion, the car would not move either backward or forward and had to be towed. The dealership said their was no problem, they have checked it out twice and that it just needed a transmission fluid flush (which they had done 30K miles previously with synthetic fluid). I do not believe them and am afraid I am doing damage to my car. What is going here - why is this happening? Please help!

I would look for a local transmission shop. The chains tend to be… less honest or more inept than the locals independents. Let them take a look see. At 30K a fluid replacement (Notice: I did not suggest a flush) along with a filter change would be good even if everything seemed fine. They should be able to tell something from seeing the condition of the old fluid and looking at the filter.

They may have a better idea at that point.

BTW if a guy by the name of Transman shows up, pay real close attention to want he suggest. It is right about 106% of the time.

I have a 91 Volvo wagon that has hit one LU, so I’m in the market for another. In conversation with my Volvo mechanic, unless I wanted to get better acquainted, I might wamt to stay away from the 98-02 XC70 as they have transmission issues. For anyone else, who is interested… he informed me that you can never replace a single tire, all four must go, the system is sensitive to uneven wear, and well more mechanical part more thing that could go wrong.