Volvo (1998} sx70

At random times when accelerating the car loses power and the RPMs go from 2 or 3 to 0 when my foot is on the gas. Needless to say the car then stalls and I restart it immediately. My husband put a carberater cleaner in when he last filled the tank and it seemed to help some but the stalling is still happening, Any suggestions for what we can do?

Could be a lot of things, is the “check engine” light on? I had a Volvo with symptom similar to what you discribe. In my case it was a MAF, or a mass airflow sensor. So far not enough info to diagnose your car’s problem.

Yes, the check engine light is on and we had it to a Volvo dealer and the said it was a sensor, reset the sensor and sent us on our way (this was about 3 months ago). The light stayed off for about a week and then came back on. When I called the dealership they said that if the light stayed on steadily it was not something to worry about. Can I trust their advice or should I have it looked at by someone else?

My Volvo was a '98 V70XC with 5 cyl. light turbo motor, likely that same motor in your car. Sometimes a check engine light will not come back when they reset the cars computer after checking and clearing the stored codes. Since your light came back on, there is a problem.

This happened to me prior to the MAF replacement. One day the car died and won’t restart and got towed to the shop I used. They were a Volvo specialty garage but not a Volvo dealer. They had reset the computer twice and finally when the MAF failed we knew the problem.

I’d suggest finding a garage other than the Volvo dealer if you keep the car. The other suggestion is your Volvo is going to get very expensive to repair and maintain from now on. The MAF was relatively cheap, but your problem is yet unknown and it could be something much more expensive.

I sold my Volvo after several years of many expensive repairs. I experienced a couple of $2,000 repair bills and am happy with my decision to sell the car.